Monday, June 5, 2017

Review: Satisfaction by Lexi Blake

by Lexi Blake

4-4.25 stars

 This was a good book! I didn't love book one in this series, but this one was much better for me.

This is Carly and Bran (Brandon)'s book. Carly is assistant to and the brains behind the brand of her boss, Patricia Cain, an evil Martha Stewart-like lifestyle mogul. The Lawless brothers are continuing their investigation into their parents' mysterious death and seeking revenge on the people they feel are responsible. One of those people is Patricia Cain. The brothers see Carly as an "in" into Patricia's world. Instead of lying to Carly, Bran takes the opportunity to lay their plans of revenge out to her. Carly, who is being blackmailed by Patricia, agrees to help them. Bran poses as Carly's new boyfriend and gets Patricia's trust to get access to her home and private papers. In the process, Bran and Carly fall for each other. The Lawless clan makes some headway into their quest for revenge, as well.

I really liked Carly and Bran together. Carly was a really genuine, nice girl who had been through so much in her life, with her ex-husband's affairs and emotional abuse, as well as him embezzling money from her company, her own absent mother, raising her younger sister, a terrible boss who is blackmailing her into not quitting and stealing her ideas, etc. She deserved to find someone to love her and help protect her. Bran also had a hard life, with his parents' death, growing up in foster care and being abused, feelings of guilt and fear of rejection by his brothers. He has fought those feelings with drinking and women, but when he meets Carly he begins to believe he can find his own happiness. He fights feelings that he is not worthy of her, but eventually gives in and they fall in love. They made a great match and were very sweet and sexy together. Both of them deserved happiness together. There was a little too much back and forth between them, but once they got over that, I really enjoyed their relationship. It was great seeing Carly's evil boss get her due and watching Carly bloom in her independence. I liked the suspense in the book and the way the series story arch continued on. I liked the side characters, catching up with the Lawless clan, as well as Ian Taggart's appearance. 

Overall, this was a good addition to this sexy, suspenseful series! I am looking forward to more and answers to the questions the Lawless gang seeks!

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