Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Review: Fierce Obsessions by Suzanne Wright

4.25-4.5 stars

This was a really good book! This ranks right up there with my favorites from this series, which is my favorite shifter series. This is Tao and Riley's book. Tao is an enforcer with the Phoenix Pack. Riley is a raven shifter who came to stay with the pack for sanctuary 6 months ago with young lone shifter kids from the homeless shelter that Mackenna worked at. Tao was suspicious of Riley when she first arrived, but gradually grew to trust her. Riley was attracted to Tao from the beginning, but didn't think he liked her. But one night after they both had too much to drink, they gave into their attraction and got together. Tao now wants a relationship with Riley, and though she is not sure he means it, she is convinced to give him a shot. They have to deal with trouble at Riley's previous pack but it only makes them stronger. They decide to have a forever relationship, and eventually find out they're true mates.

I really loved both Tao and Riley. They had great banter and sexy times. Tao was so sweet and protective of Riley. Riley was sarcastic and funny. They were so hot together too! There was very low relationship angst. I just loved them together. It was also fun seeing them interact with the kids, Savannah and Dexter, who became like their adopted children. I also enjoyed catching back up with the previous couples from the series.

There is a moment that gave me pause, when we found out the Tao had wanted to imprint on Taryn, the alpha female in the pack, before she was mated. I have read Taryn's book, but I had forgotten Tao's part. I wasn't bothered too much though. It was obvious that he really loved Riley, never loved Taryn and he never touched her. Riley was his perfect match, not Taryn. So I was okay with that. 

Overall, this was a very funny, sexy, sweet, and suspenseful book! I loved seeing Tao and Riley's relationship develop. I can't wait for more from this series and Ms. Wright!


Fierce Obsessions releases June 13th!

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