Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Review: Shacking Up by Helena Hunting

Shacking Up

by Helena Hunting

4.25-4.5 stars


Loved this book! Move over Pucked, I have a new Helena Hunting favorite!

This is Ruby and Bane's story. Ruby is a Broadway hopeful living in NYC. At Ruby's best friend's engagement party, she runs into Bane, literally, and he kisses her, mistaking her for his date. This mistake leads to her getting sick, losing her voice, puking during an audition, and losing her apartment because she can't pay the rent. She stays with her best friend, Amie, and meets her fiance's cousin, who turns out to be Bane. They hit it off right away, as friends. With Bane taking over a big role in his father's company and traveling a lot for work, he offers to let Ruby stay at his apartment to pet-sit his pet ferret, Francesca, and his pet tarantula, Tiny. Over the course of Ruby staying with him, they become close friends and fall in love.

I loved all of the characters in this book. I loved Ruby, especially. She was so funny, independent and sweet. Bane was great too. He was enamored by Ruby's vivacious personality right away. They became friends first and both were attracted to each other. While Bane was away for work, they talked all the time and video chatted. They pretty much dated (without either knowing it) that way and fell in love before anything physical happened between them. They had great chemistry and banter, and once they got their hands on each other, totally hot! They were really great together! I loved the pet aspects. All of the hilarious things they got into were so fun. I enjoyed Ruby's quest for a job on Broadway and her burlesque work, as well as the NY setting.

Overall, this is just a funny, sexy, sweet, low-angst book and I loved it! I hope this turns into a series!


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