Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Review: Sex Says by Max Monroe

Sex Says by Max Monroe


4 stars

I have been a fan of the secret duo that writes as Max Monroe since I read their first book Tapping the Billionaire and then devoured the rest of the Billionaire Bad Boys series. I loved that series for it's funny but real characters and their sexy and emotional stories. Sex Says is their first standalone book and is  different than the Billionaire Bad Boys series in that it wasn't as rom-com-ish.  But it was still a very good book. This is Lola and Reed's story. Lola Sexton is a romance and sex advice columnist for a newspaper in San Francisco. Reed is the kind of guy who likes variety. He takes temporary jobs doing things he thinks are interesting and changes jobs every few weeks. One day he reads Lola's column, Sex Says, and it strikes a cord with him. He films a rebuttal to her point of view and posts it on Youtube. He doesn't think anything more about it or care who watches it. But Lola sees it and it makes her mad. So she confronts Reed and they begin communicating by email, which leads to Reed becoming smitten with Lola's personality, and then leads to him pursuing her and them starting a relationship. Both of them are non-traditional people without a lot of relationship experience, so it takes them awhile to figure out how a long-term relationship is going to work in their case. But I adored the way they made it work for them. 

I really liked both Lola and Reed. Both were really interesting, smart, layered characters. They are both very original characters from most romance books. Lola was quirky and didn't care what people thought about her. She loves her job as a columnist and she does crazy things like roller skate to work, when she can barely skate without falling down. Reed is a different sort of hero. He is very laid back and he is a philosophical thinker. He loves to people watch and learn things about people through observation. He meets and is fascinated by Lola. He has never met anyone like her and is soon smitten. Reed baits her and kind of waits for her to come to him and make the first move. He is so sexy though. Both of them live non-traditional lives in relation to their jobs and they are happy that way. The romance is slow burn (first kiss at 49%). They start off as enemies (in Lola's mind) and then become friends and then lovers. Because of this, I felt like the book started slow and took me awhile to get into, but once it took off and I understood the characters' personalities, I really enjoyed it. There are so many quirky little touches, (ie. the puppets!), that I just loved too.

All in all, I did really enjoy this book and I definitely look forward to more from the mysterious duo of Max Monroe!

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