Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Review: Something Borrowed by Eve Dangerfield

Something Borrowed by Eve Dangerfield


4 stars

 This was a good book! An enemy-to-lovers story, this book is the story of Elle and Jackson. Years ago, Elle met Jackson when she was running a company retreat at the wildlife conservation center where she works. Jackson, driving the company van, practically ran her over. He was cocky and kind of an ass, but she was oddly attracted to him, despite that. But Jackson screwed up with Elle big time and she has hated him ever since. But that same day, Elle's best friend Tory met Jackson's best friend a co-worker Ben. They began dating and are now getting married. Elle and Jackson are stuck in Bali together for a week. Jackson sees this as his chance to try again with Elle. But Elle resists because of how much Jackson hurt her in the past. Over the wedding trip, Jackson proves how sorry he is and how perfect they are together by putting himself at her mercy. 

I wasn't sure what to expect from this book. I thought it was going to be a kind of light and fluffy rom-com, just based on the title and the blurb. But I should have known to expect more. All of Eve Dangerfield's books have been so unique and with great depth of emotion. Her characters are complicated with lots of layers and also very real. 

Elle is a very strong woman. She has not had an easy life. She is full of sass and sarcasm. She doesn't let a lot of people in and she doesn't really care what people think of her for the most part. But she does have a secret that she holds close and that is that she is dominant in relationships and in the bedroom. She is scared to fully be herself because she has been rebuffed in the past. Men often want the sexual part of a relationship with her, but not long term and not the emotional part. So she has built an armor around herself. 

Jackson was going through a very hard time when he met Elle. Because of some deaths in his family, he was drinking too much, possibly even was an alcoholic, and engaged in destructive behaviors with women. He could be an ass and he screwed up big time with Elle, but he realized it and saw her for the great catch that she was, so he changed his life. He became a better person, quit drinking, and when the time was right, he took the chance to pursue Elle. He was also very cocky, charming guy. He didn't come off as submissive at all, and I don't think he would ever be submissive to anyone but Elle. He loved Elle so much. Even though, she wasn't perfect, Jackson saw her as perfect for him. 

Jackson was willing to do anything to get Elle. He saw her as the one woman for him and he put himself at her mercy, in all ways. Elle was cruel at times. She put him to the test for sure. But over the course of their week together, Jackson proved that he was the perfect match for Elle. He was her unicorn. Elle was able to fully be herself with him and Jackson loved who she was in all ways. 

This book was funny, emotional and sexy! I enjoyed Elle and Jackson's journey to love together. I am definitely looking forward to more from Eve Dangerfield! 

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