Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Review: Avenged by Jay Crownover

by Jay Crownover

4 stars

This novella was so freaking hot! Avenged is a Mackenzie Family novella by Jay Crownover, set in Liliana Hart's Mackenzie Kindle World. This is Echo and Benny's story. Benny is a recovering bad boy from The Point (Jay's Point series) and Echo is the best friend of deceased Zeb's son's mother (from Jay's Saints of Denver series). Benny is in hiding in a cabin the wilderness of Surrender, Montana. He was imprisoned for his crimes, and almost killed, before turning state's witness and informing on his fellow criminals in The Point. The Feds have him stashed there until he can testify. Echo comes crashing into his life when her car literally crashes off the side of the road near his cabin. She has come to Montana seeking revenge for her sister's death. When she wrecks her car and is injured, Ben rescues her and they spend a few days together snowed into his one room cabin during a blizzard. They find they have an instant connection and some off-the-charts chemistry. Neither want to part from each other, but it takes some time and work before they can figure out how they can be together for good. 

I highlighted most of this novella as there were so many good parts. Everything I read by Jay Crownover gets better and better. I have always been a fan, but I love each new release more than the last. This novella was no exception. My only complaint was that I wanted more of Echo and Benny together in their everyday life. I know they will last and be happy together, but I'm greedy and I wanted more. I know it's a novella though and it was a pretty long one, so I was still happy with how everything worked out. Echo and Benny are an awesome pair. They were both great characters in their own right, with lots of layers. I really enjoyed seeing their relationship develop from strangers to lovers. I loved them together and their chemistry was combustible. Jay can write an sizzling sexy scene, that's for sure! There is a shower scene that nearly set my kindle on fire. They both had some baggage from the past to get over, but it all worked out in the end.

Overall, I really enjoyed this novella! I read several other from this series and this one was my favorite. I liked how Echo and Benny tied back to Jay's other series and that there weren't too many other characters from the Mackenzie world to confuse me (unlike some of the other novellas from this Kindle world series). I am looking forward to more awesome books from Jay Crownover!

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