Tuesday, August 29, 2017

New Release: Dr. Neuro by Max Monroe

The day has come, and the final doctor is IN!
Not that you'd necessarily want to see him in real life...since you'd be having brain surgery. But in us. You want to see Nick Raines.

Title: DrNEURO
Release Date: August 29th
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Series: 3rd in a 3 book Series of Standalones; "A St. Luke's Docuseries Novel"

I’m Dr. Nick Raines.

Brain surgeon and notorious over-thinker, I take the analytical approach with everything, until I can determine the best, carefully calculated plan of action. It’s no shock the producers of the popular reality series The Doctor Is In have decided to call me Dr. Neurotic.   

Besides my more than full-time job as Chief of Neurosurgery at St. Luke’s Hospital, I’m a single dad and my number one priority is my daughter.     

But life had plans to add another priority to my list.
Charlotte Hollis. Outspoken, impulsive, and beautiful, she’s everything I didn’t know I was craving.

She makes me wonder What if?

What if I don’t have to be alone for the rest of my life to give my little girl the father she deserves?
It's a battle—my battle: Head vs. Heart. 


The heroine of this novel just might threaten to slap you with a d*ck if you don't like her...or if she doesn't like you.
Disclaimer for the disclaimer: Theoretically, we support this. Physically, we do not. Direct all fictional lawsuits to Charlotte Hollis directly.

Get him where you can!


3.75 stars

3.75 stars. This was a cute book! This is Nick and Charlotte's story. Nick is a neurosurgeon at St. Luke's and the last doctor featured on the reality show, The Doctor is In. Charlotte is a medical headhunter. She has just moved back to NYC after years away and is sent to headhunt Nick. He is not interested in the job Charlotte is offering, but she is interested in him and lets him know. Nick is crazy busy with work and his daughter and he never dates. But he is flattered and interested. So they begin spending more time together. Charlotte helps Nick come out of his shell and live a little. They begin dating and fall in love. But a random connection between the couple's families threatens to hurt their growing relationship. It all works out in the end though.

I was not sure that I would like Nick in this book. He is Winnie's ex (from Scoring the Billionaire) and dad to her daughter. He is a jerk in that book. He left Winnie when she was pregnant and has been an absentee father for his daughter, Lexi. This fact is highlighted in flashbacks in the beginning of this book. Nick chose money and his career over Winnie and his daughter. It made him look like a huge ass. So he started off on the wrong foot for me. But in the present, he has turned over a new leaf. Nick realized how much he has missed in Lexi's life and has moved to NYC to be near her. He did turn out to be a good guy. I liked him. He is a workaholic, never dates, and loves his job. I really liked Charlotte too. She was fun and lively. She was just what Nick needed to liven him up. I liked their relationship. It was easy, fun and sexy. The conflicts to their relationship are not of their own making, but having to do with Nick's family and Charlotte's past. I was glad that they were able to overcome that.

There were a few things that I didn't love. The first sexy time scene was fade to black. I have no idea why and I definitely felt cheated.  Also, there is a 3 mo. separation near the end of the book. I hate that. It is a huge pet peeve of mine and totally ruins the momentum of the relationship. 3 months of barely talking so close to end of the book almost (but not quite) ruins the whole thing for me. 

But, overall, this is still a cute little book. Fun and sexy! Nick and Charlotte's story is an easy, low angst read. I will definitely read more from Max Monroe in the future! 

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