Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Review: Breath of Fire by Amanda Bouchet

4 - 4.25 stars!  ****

 This was a good book! This is the second book in the Kingmaker Chronicles series and I enjoyed this book even more than the first book. This series is set in a world where there are Gods and Goddesses and magic. 
After meeting and coming together in book one, Cat and Griffin are in love, but they have some demons to face still. Cat must finally come clean with Griffin about who she really is and her destiny. They soon find that they both play a role in the fate of the world as they know it. Together, they must fight their enemies, with the help from the Gods, to bring peace to the realm. There are lots of adventures and battles that they must face so they can be on the right track to become rulers of the human world, but they come out together on the other side stronger than ever. 

In this book, Cat has matured and is not annoying, like she was at times in Promise of Fire. She is a bit calmer and her magic is becoming more refined and controllable. She and Griffin's relationship grows stronger and their love never wavers. Once Cat tells Griffin her secrets and is honest with him, nothing holds their relationship back. They become a powerful team, together ready to take on the fate of their countries. I loved how they loved each other and how they only grew stronger and closer as they battled to overcome their enemies. They were sweet and sexy together. They weathered the storm and came out on the other side a couple who loved each other dearly and had great hope for the future of their world under their rule. The side characters were great too, especially the beta team and Griffin's family. I can't wait to see how they are able to accomplish their goals of unifying the nations peacefully. 

This is a really fun, adventurous and romantic series! It kept me guessing on what was going to happen. I really look forward to more from Cat and Griffin! 

My review of  Promise of Fire (book 1):

Breath of Fire releases today!


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