Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Review: With Us by Layla Frost

With Us

4 -4.25 stars

 This was a good book! This is Theo and Dahlia's story. Theo, a rich businessman, meets Dahlia in the coffee shop she works at. He is interested in her right away and asks her out. Dahlia has a lonely life, working two jobs, a sad past and very little romantic experience. She feels like Theo is out of her league, but agrees to take a chance with him. Theo is smitten and he coaxes the gun-shy Dahlia into letting down her guard and dating him. They begin a relationship and fall in love. But Theo is hiding a secret and it all comes to a head for him, putting their relationship and future in danger. Dahlia feels betrayed when she finds out Theo's secret, but after she works through it, is able to finally forgive him. They are able to work everything out so they can have a happy future together.

I really liked Theo and Dahlia. Their romance started a little slow burn. Dahlia grew up in foster care and that made her reluctant to let her self get close to people because she always felt disposable. She has lead a lonely life, but didn't realize until she met Theo and was brought into his big, Italian family. Theo was swoon-worthy. He knew a good thing in Dahlia and he was willing to put in the time and patience he needed to show her that he was in her life for good. She begins to blossom under his love and with his family. I definitely felt the couple's connection. The book is broken into two parts. The first half is when Theo and Dahlia meet and begin a relationship, eventually falling in love. Then there is a big twist and the second half is a little more drama filled. I liked both parts and I liked the way the story played out. Theo and Dahlia weathered a storm together, coming out as a strong unit in the end. I liked the the book was long enough for them to come together and work through all kinks in their relationship so I felt secure in their HEA. I liked the world built in the book and the side characters in Theo's family. I would love to see more from them in future books.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. I will definitely re-read this book in the future and I look forward to more from Ms. Frost!

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