Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Review: The Careless Whispers Series by Lisa Renee Jones

Surrender (Careless Whispers, #3)
The Careless Whispers Series by Lisa Renee Jones

4-4.25 stars

This review is for all three books in the Careless Whispers series- Denial, Demand and Surrender. I really enjoyed this series. I had been waiting for all three books in the series to come out so that I could read all 3 in a row. After I read the Inside Out series (which I really loved) in 2015, I wanted to read Ella's story. I was not disappointed either. I really enjoyed this series too.

This was a wild, romantic suspense adventure. Ella has woken up in Italy in the hospital. She has amnesia and doesn't remember anything other than her name. She was found by Kayden in an alleyway after being attacked. She feels an immediate connection to him, like she actually knows him, but he says that isn't true. But he feels the connection too and he vows to help her find out what happened and who she is. Over the series, they gradually find out more from Ella's past, she gets her memory back and they fall in love. They have to fight their own personal demons, but also there are people out to get them both and they have to figure out why. Kayden vows to protect Ella from her past. Eventually, they defeat the bad guys and are able to face a future together. There is so much more to the story, but it's an epic adventure that I think is best gone into blind.

I did feel like the story was a little drug out. It could have been because I read all three books in a row and not with months between readings them, but I felt there was a good bit of repetition. There also is a lot of back and forth, "should we be together or shouldn't we?" feelings. Kayden and Ella were sure of their strong feelings for each other. But Ella's mysterious past and her amnesia held her back at times, as well as Kayden's past losses.

Overall though, despite their misgivings and while they worked through their suspenseful conflicts, they were a really great, strong couple. Both were badass in their own rights. I loved both Ella and Kayden. Ella grew stronger as the series went on and she regained her memory. Kayden was swoon-worthy, protective and he worshiped her. He opened himself up more and more to the promise of a happy future with Ella. From the moment they met, they had a very strong connection that only grew stronger throughout the series. They were a great team and very supportive of each other as they worked out the mystery of Ella's past and fought the bad guys together. I really loved them as a couple.

This series had a great combination of a deliciously soapy kind of angst, suspense, and romantic, sexy love. I liked the twists and turns in the story. The side characters were well-written and intriguing. I enjoyed catching up with Sara and Chris from the Inside Out series too. I wanted a little more from the end. An epilogue would have helped me see what the future would look like for Ella and Kayden. Hopefully there will be more from them and from this series in the future!

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