Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Review: Little Black Dress by Sarah Curtis, Brynne Asher, Layla Frost and Sarah O'Rourke + Giveaway!

4 stars

This is a good little anthology! This anthology includes 4 stories each by a different author including a little black dress. It is like the Sisterhood of the Traveling Black Dress, which I thought was a really cute and unique idea for connecting the stories!

Abby's Angel's by Sarah O' Rourke - In the first story, Abby has been going through a rough spot with her husband. She has undergone infertility, miscarriages, and a failed adoption. She and her husband have grown apart because of those tragedies. Abby has tried to get him to go to counseling, but he has blown it off. She is heartbroken and feels like her marriage might be over. Her sister, Lucy, convinces her to try one last time to seduce, and then confront her husband. She decides to wear her little black dress that she wore on their first date. They are able to work things out between them and end up with a bright, happy future.

This was a heartbreaking story to start off the anthology with. I felt really bad for Abby and I shed a few tears for her. I did not love that her husband was keeping a big secret from her. She took it all in stride, but, if I were her, I would have been mad! I did like the way everything turned out for them though. They were really sweet together.

Lucy's A Dreamer by Brynne Asher - Lucy is Abby's sister. She borrows Abby's LBD to wear to their brother's rehearsal dinner for his wedding. There, she runs into Vaughn. He is her brother's best friend who she always crushed on growing up. The sparks fly between them and they spend a hot night together. But come morning, Lucy is afraid that Vaughn only wants a one night stand so she runs. The day of the wedding, throughout the festivities, Vaughn chases Lucy and tries to corner her so he can get her alone and make his intentions known. 

Lucy and Vaughn were hot and sweet together. She had always dreamed of him and compared all other men to him, so she was happy to have her dreams come true. And Vaughn says "I'm glad I never knew to dream of you, Lucy. I'm not sure I could have waited, that pain might have been too much for me. Just so you know, you're the best thing I never knew to dream." Swoon!

Kiss Me, Katie by Sarah Curtis - Katie is Lucy's high school friend. She is a police officer and a tomboy. Her parents are constantly trying to try to set her up on blind dates and harping on marriage and babies. Katie decides to get her parents off her back for a bit, by pretending she has a boyfriend. She approaches her partner, Officer Ethan Pierce, who she is very close to. So close, that she's secretly in love with him. Ethan jumps at the chance to play her boyfriend at Sunday family dinner, because he's secretly in love with her too! So Katie borrow's the LBD from Lucy and it works it's magic for the couple. They play a couple so convincingly that they believe it themselves. 

Katie was super sweet. Ethan was hot and he knew to take the risk on letting her know his feelings for her. They were a really cute couple!

Winnie Mae by Layla Frost - Winnie is Katie's friend and neighbor. She is a cartoon artist. She is quirky and tattoed. Winnie draws herself in her cartoons and writes funny scenes about her life. She agrees to go with her roommate, Emma, to her work Christmas party. Winnie is not the "corporate" type, so she borrows Katie's LBD to wear to the party. She covers her tattoos with a wrap and puts her hair up so she looks more conservative. Winnie meets, and has immediate chemistry, with Max at the party. She decides to goof around and makes up stories to tell him about being a big shot executive in "mergers and aquisitions" (which she has no idea what that is). She thinks it doesn't matter because she won't see these people again. Winnie and Max do decide to leave together, though, and have a hot night together. But Winnie runs out in the morning before Max wakes up. But Max isn't letting her go that easily. They end up texting all the time, which leads to them talking on the phone, and finally they get together again. Both want more from each other, but first Winnie has to come clean about her lies!

This story was my favorite! Winnie was such a fun, cool character. An artist, snarky free spirit, I just loved her. She and Max had immediate chemistry and great banter. Max saw through her lies to see who she really was right away. They just clicked and fit together so well. I wanted more from these two!

I was excited to read this anthology by some of my favorite authors. It was a great collection of short stories. Overall, they were fun, sweet and sexy! Reading it left me with a warm happy feeling! Proceeds from this anthology will be donated to Gilda’s Club, which offers support to those living with cancer, too! 


I was lucky enough to read an advanced copy of this book and loved it. So I want to share the love and give to a great cause by giving away an ebook copy. To enter to win, simply comment below!

Also, this book is available on KU or one-click on Amazon for 99 cents!



  1. This book looks good and I'd love to win it!! Thanks for the chance!!

    1. Congrats, Linda! You win! ;) Email me at and I'll send you your LBD!