Monday, April 10, 2017

Review: All-In by Sarah Curtis

by Sarah Curtis

4.25 - 4.5 stars

This was a really good book! This is River and Alec's book. River Kingston and her brother, Royal, were raised by her father, a professional poker player. She knows the professional poker lifestyle, and the game, through and through, and she wants no part of it now as an adult. But Royal still gambles and often gets himself in debt. He has gotten himself into some hot water. This time, he owes a lot of money to some very bad guys and he has called on River to help bail him out (again). River enters a high stakes poker tournament, hoping to make enough money to pay off Royal's debt. At the tournament, she meets professional poker player, Alec Throne (love that name!). River grew up following Alec's life in the press so she knows who is, but she is wary that he is a player, because he has been seen with many women. But things are not always what they seem. Alec and River find they have a connection. River thinks she can have a vacation fling with Alec, but he wants more from her. He just has to convince her to gamble on love with him.

I really liked Royal and Alec. Their feelings are not insta-love, but they do like each other right away. Alec knows a good thing when he sees it and is not afraid to go after it. As they spend more time together, he sees that he really wants River long term, but he must convince her of that. Royal is spunky and funny. Alec is pretty much perfect- hot, sweet, and possessive. They were a perfect match for each other. Also, their chemistry was hot! I liked that they got together quickly, without too much angst. I loved the poker tournament setting and all that was involved in that. It was different and exciting.

Overall, this was a fun, sweet, sexy read! This is my new favorite of Ms. Curtis's books. I very much enjoyed Alec and River's love story! I look forward to more from this series in the future!


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