Monday, April 3, 2017

Review: The Last Hit by Jessica Clare and Jenn Frederick

The Last Hit 
by Jessica Clare and Jenn Frederick

4 stars

This was a good book! This is Daisy and Nick's story. Daisy grew up on a farm with her agoraphobic father who kept her locked away at home. Her mother was murdered when she was younger, leaving her father afraid to let either of them leave the house. Now, at 21, Daisy decides to run away to the city. She begins a new life there with an apartment, a roommate and a job. There she meets Nick (Nikolai) and they begin a relationship. But Nick is hiding who he us from her. He was raised by members of the Russian Mafia, the Bratva. He is a contract killer, but the men he kills are bad men, pedofiles, murderers, and he feels they deserve to die. He knows no happiness or sweetness before he meets Daisy. He seems her innate goodness and falls in love very quickly. He wants to be a good man for her so that they can start over together and have a better future. But his past comes back to haunt them both and threaten their dreams together. Nick is forced to come clean with Daisy about his secrets and she has to decide if she can live with Nick's truths. With some help from his friend Daniel, Nick is able to put the past behind him once and for all, get revenge on the people who tried to hurt him and Daisy, and break free from the Bratva. Eventually, Daisy and Nick get their very much deserved HEA.

The writing is a bit simple, but the story and the characters shine through. I really liked Nick and Daisy. Daisy is innocent, but strong. Her past is sad, but she is optimistic and hopeful for a happy future. It was so nice watching her overcome her past and come into her own. She blossomed under Nick's love for her. It was heartening to see her experience all her firsts with him. Nick also had a terrible, violent and sad past but he knows when he meets Daisy that he wants something better for the future. Despite his history of crime, Nick was innocent in his own ways and he had no idea how to talk to women or be in a relationship. It was very sweet the way he wanted to give Daisy the world and would have done anything to make her happy. He finally could see that he could have a future, beyond murder and pain, with her. Nick struggled with not feeling worthy of Daisy, but he was willing to do anything to try to be the best man he could be for her. Their love was just so sweet and I felt they were a perfect match. I was happy when they both overcame their pasts, with each others' help, because their future was wide open then.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. I am looking forward to reading more from this series!

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