Monday, July 3, 2017

Review: Dr. Erotic by Max Monroe

Dr. Erotic 
by Max Monroe

4 stars

This was a good book! This was Harlow and Scott's story. Scott is a very good emergency room doctor. Nicknamed, Dr. Erotic, he is the snarky and funny star of a reality show. He saw how the show's creative editing showed Dr. OB in a poor light, so he made sure to be nothing but professional on his show. But his fun personality and new found celebrity have the women flocking to him in droves when he is off the clock. Harlow is a celebrity gossip columnist who has an unfortunate injury from a glass headboard during a one night stand. She comes to Scott's ER with a cut on her forehead. Sparks fly between the couple, but Harlow leaves the ER without giving him her number. Harlow ends up writing an article on Scott's exploits with numerous women one night in a club, which causes him to call her and chew her out, not knowing she is the girl he can't get out of his head from his ER. Fate sets the couple up to meet again, when both of them take their single parents to a Broadway show and end up with tickets right next to each other. Sparks fly between them again... and between their parents. Scott's mother begins dating Harlow's father. And Scott pursues Harlow as well. Harlow likes Scott and is attracted to him, but she has a poor relationship history. So they begin a no-strings, friends with benefits situation. Though, Scott has no relationship experience, he adores Harlow and wants more from her. He convinces her to give a relationship a try with him. They fall for each other. People from their past threaten their relationship and their jobs, but it all works out okay for them in the end.

I enjoyed this super cute, funny read. I wasn't sure about Scott at first. He came off as a definite manwhore, but after he met and got to know Harlow, he fell for her hard. It was very sweet. Harlow had a bad relationship in the past where she lost her self and gave up her dreams of becoming a pediatrician. She has been anti-relationship ever since. But as they spend more time together, Scott convinces her to give him a shot. I liked both Harlow and Scott. They were funny and sexy together. I liked that neither one pushed each other away too. This book didn't have as much angst and feelings to it as other books by Max Monroe, but I still enjoyed it. 

Overall, I enjoyed this light easy read and look forward to more from Max Monroe!

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