Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Review: Something Else by Eve Dangerfield

4 stars


This was a good book! This novella is the continuation of Elle and Jackson's story. It is now a few years down the road from the story that took place in Something Borrowed. The couple has settled into life, living together, happy and in love. But then, Jackson's evil mother comes for an extended visit. This wicked woman is out to break up the couple and really puts their relationship to the test. But their love for each other never wavers and they prove that in the way deal with the situation.

I love Jackson and Elle. Their chemistry and connection is amazing. Elle is strong and takes no nonsense from most people, but she still has a vulnerable side and is not bitchy. Jackson is submissive to Elle when they are together sexually, but he is still charming and sexy and not at all weak. I really felt like the had an equal partnership.

(As an aside- I really love the two relationships/books that this author has written with dominant females. They are so realistic feeling and sexy, without the heroines being cold and unfeeling like a lot of dommes are portrayed in other books)

These two love each other so much. I just loved so much seeing the way their relationship has developed. They have fallen deeper in love, matured and become better people because of each other. The surprise that Jackson had in store for Elle was so sweet, too. I am so glad to have had this follow up to their story to see how life worked out for the couple. It was a sweet, sexy, funny and emotional follow up! Thanks, Ms. Dangerfield, for bringing us the memorable couple and interesting story!

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This book is a novella that continues the story from book 1 in the series, Something Borrowed. Read my review for that book here:

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